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Awaken each day to the vast New Mexico sky and the gentle chirping of birds. Feast on fresh fruit and vegetables taken from the Center's garden throughout the day. Share an evening meal with others at the Center. Sleep in the quiet and restful New Mexico night.

"If you are still, if you let the chatter of the mind fall away, you will hear the wind sweeping across the desert long before it touches you. You will hear the wings of birds parting the air as they pass. You will hear your own heart open." Steve Olian

Each morning begins with plenty of time for reflection, exercise, and personal practices. In consultation with the director, you can arrange the activities of your day according to your own needs and inspiration. The quiet of the Center lends itself to reflection and prayer. Your day flows with ease and grace, allowing time for writing, art, meditation, exercise, rituals, and rest. Later in the afternoon, if you wish, you may check in with the retreat director.

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Spending time in gentle, reflective silence allow us to tap into the mystery of Life. What unfolds is unique to each of us. Many people have come away anchored within themselves and ready to re-enter their lives with more harmony, grace and balance, refreshed with new vitality, insight and clarity.

"From our week at Casa de Vida we better understand who we are and how we fit into the world. We are better people, spouses, and parents for it." Norma Garcia and Bert Feuss